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Second time in Buenos Aires

We went to Buenos Aires for eleven days in October 2003, flying via Sao Paolo with BA to Ezeiza airport.

We took a few $100 in cash in case the ATMs were not working for any reason. Once through the baggage hall we were able to change some $ into pesos for the airport transfer - the rate here is not as competitive in the city so don't change too much - you need about 50 pesos for the airport transfer using a remise (minicab).

I hired a mobile phone at the airport for convenience (useful for whistling up a cab at 2am!) as my tri-band Vodafone GSM one did not work there despite Vodafone's assurance that it would. There are not many international roaming agreements yet in place for GSM phones; although I found out later that it would have been easier to hire this at our hotel.

We used a remise service ( there is a booth just as you come through immigration) - it costs about $20 to transfer into the city. Our driver, Victor, spoke good English and also offers city tours etc at good prices.

Our 4* hotel - Grand Boulevard Hotel on Bernardo Irigoyen in San Telmo - was superb; they say they aim at 4.5* service - and they deliver with a smile - even at 3am or later; all for an amazingly low price and a bar and restaurant open 24/7.

We had a great time; although there is still a lot of unemployment / poverty that leads to more night-time street scavengers etc. than you see in most cities and a few more than usually persistent beggars in Corrientes on a Saturday night.

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