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Cambridge Fall 2003

They travelled to Edinburgh for the first time in September for the workshops with Gustavo Naveira and Giselle-Anne. The groups were small and allowed the teachers to give a lot of attention to the participants. Gustavo and Giselle-Ane were in excellent mood and very friendly. They met Ricardo and Jenny fo the first time.

Ricardo and Jenny, famous in the UK for their short BBC TV ident video with Biljana and others, came to Bylaugh to lead some workshops a few weeks' later.

In October, it was time for him to return to Buenos Aires again. This time the focus was on the milongas and sightseeing.

In November, Rodolfo and Miho returned to Bylaugh and led some excellent workshops on boleos, milonga, sacadas, barridas and ganchos.

Later in November, Rodolfo and Miho moved over to Cambridge to lead a medium-3-level course, technique workshops, and the Tuesday lessons - in milonga - before moving on to Cork in Ireland.

Also in November it was time for the early Christmas Tango Ball, held this year in the part of the building still used for Church services - quite a contrast between the activity and music in the early hours of that Sunday morning and later that same day!

Round Church in Cambridge



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