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Cambridge 2000

Returning from that first visit to Madrid, where he had crammed in workshops in men's technique and milonga along with a series of intermediate level lessons, he resolved to dance more regularly but time was tight; a new job in London was on the horizon and he knew the travelling would not help him fit in lessons.

He did manage to attend some workshops by Yvonne Meissner and Miguel Angel Zotto's Una Noche de Tango show before his work commitments began to limit his Tango quest.

Round Church in Cambridge

That summer, he was finishing dinner in Barcelona on the final night of the launch weekend for a new global business when he heard the familiar strains of a tango over the PA system and immediately realised that his colleagues had set him up. Sure enough, a lithe tanguera appeared at the door and shimmied between the tables to where she found him and invited him onto the dance floor. He was very nervous but remembered to keep things very simple, limiting himself to a few walking steps and an occasional ocho and giro.

They left the floor to applause from colleagues, some of whom were from Buenos Aires; he resolved to continue his learning quest once he got back to the UK.

Towards the end of the year he returned once more to Madrid for their festival.



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