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Hints & Myths about Argentine Tango
Senor Tango The Way to La Yuega

To find out more about Argentine Tango as a dance, as music, as a passion; just explore the route that opens up by pressing any of the links below.

There is also some learning about milonga and the calesita from an encounter with Tango Maestros in Madrid in this extract from The Way to LaYuega

The 8-step giro developed by Mingo Pugliese from his experience with Petroleo is featured in this extract from The Way to LaYuega



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MArta & Manuel
How my journey started
What you must do first
Getting around
Intertwining those legs
Having real fun
Swirling around the room
No limits
Tertulia Tango Bar
The Cambridge Tango Bar
Circulo de Belles Artes
Stunning UK Venue
Tango's nerve centre
Fun City
Friendly Natives
Close embrace maestros from Amsterdam
Teaching excellence
Teaching fun
Teaching fantasia
Petroleo's apprentice
Milonga star
My first tango teachers

Marta y Manuel


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