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Then, after virtually no Tango over the busiest 6 months of his life, he returned to Madrid.

The Tango festival was about to begin and great dancers were assembling from Buenos Aires.

Six great couples were to give Tango lessons.

There were several levels and they would also teach speciality lessons.

He opted for the intermediate level lessons with additional classes in milonga and wals.

  • Gustavo Russo and Alejandra Mantinon, who he had seen in Tango Pasion, would be teaching Milonga

  • El Indio and Mariana Fresno would be teaching Milonga con Traspie

  • Pocho Pizzaro and Patricia Verocay would teach Wals

  • Antonio Junior and Mora Godoy would teach men's and women's technique

  • Tete and Silvia would be teaching Milonguero style salon dancing

  • Pablo Ojeda and Beatriz Romero would be teaching technique for teachers


... and, every evening, there was a Milonga.

In one of these milongas, Avi, not a teacher but an avid enthusiast, taught him to "put the miles in", to "take away something from every lesson", and - most of all - to "get out there and dance".

More about all this later but now we must move on.



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