Hints & Myths about Argentine Tango
Basic 8

The "Basic 8" is often maligned but only deserves this when leaders follow its pattern slavishly durign a milonga or are not too careful about how, and how far, they step back on step 1.

Few would recognise it when it is liberally spiced up with leader's pivots and interpreted in time with the melody, rather than rhythm, of a piece.

Perhaps some of those maligning it may not have mastered "step #5" especially the follower's crusada?

Some of the best Argentinian teachers use the Basic 8 as the basic learning tool for beginners as it demonstrates many features of Argentine Tango and, if used with caution, very quickly gets beginners onto the dance floor

Once students have mastered these basis steps, they are ready to learn the ochos that lead to the giro and all the leg play that can be built around it.

It can also be used as a shorthand to help explain certain positions of the couple relative to one another, making it easier to demonstrate a particular movement.

Senor Tango, Buenos Aires


Those eight steps:.



leader steps back on his right foot, drawing follower forward on her left foot


leader steps back on his left foot brushing his left foot alongside his right before stepping wide to his left, turning his torso to face hers as she comes forward and to her right, turning her torso to face her leader


leader steps to left and forward with his right foot as follower steps to her right and back on her left foot


leader steps forward on his left foot as follower steps back on her right foot


leader closes his right foot alongside his left turning his torso to bring his follower in front of him, crossing her left foot in front of her right; pausing and turning slightly so she changes weight onto her left foot


leader steps forward onto his left foot as his follower moves back on her right


leader steps forward and to right with right foot as his follower moves back and to her right with her left foot


leader closes his left foot against his right as his follower closes her right foot against her left.
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