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Hints & Myths about Argentine Tango
Senor Tango Basics

Argentine Tango is about looking and feeling good when the couple, engrossed in one another and the music, move as one body with four legs.

The leader interprets the feel of the music and passes this on, inviting her to follow his body movements and react with hers. Communication of intent is vital.

Many people learn the basics using a sequence of eight steps, which demonstrates elements of linear tango. They progress from this Basic 8 to the giro - the basis of the legplay that is so central to rotary tango.

Walking smoothly as a couple in time with the music is a key part of Tango; feeling which foot is carrying your partner's weight and how to transfer it, moving your torso gently but firmly in the desired direction to show your intention before moving off, reaching out with slightly out-turned toe, bringing the torso forward - or backward - to transfer weight to the new foot, and - when stopping - collecting the rear foot alongside the other. all is helped by keeping your feet close together and close to the floor except when they need to be elsewhere.

Moving to either side is similar; reaching out with a toe then square up as weight transfer takes place.

All made much more difficult when working as a couple in a dance embrace, trying to keep a constant distance - sometimes zero but with constant pressure - between parallel chests. The embrace of follower by leader varies from full torso contact, either directly in front or slightly offset, to a more open hold in which the couple's arms form a frame within which they manoeuvre.

Mastering walking - forward, backwards, and sidewards - as a couple and in time with the music is almost enough to make a basic Tango.

A little more interesting is the famous Basic 8 or 8 count basic step.

Once he had mastered the basics, it was time to consider progressing to lessons at intermediate and medium levels.


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