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One weekend, in the Spring of 2004, Richard Manuel from France & Eleonora from Rosario both then based in London, held a series of Tango workshops in the recently-refurbished Orangery of Bylaugh Hall in Norfolk.

Richard & Eleonora led a series of workshops with a small group of local or temporarily resident participants on Saturday and Sunday - morning and afternoon - based on caminita and corrida.

There was also a Valentine's Milonga on the Saturday night.

Their visits were to become a regular event in 2004. He attended most of them.


we began workshop 4 with a zig-zag corrida:

  leader begins on left foot in parallel;

turns torso to follower and steps offset in corrida on right,left, right;

pivot 90 to right;

corrida in front of follower - left, right, left;

pivot 90 top left and repeat ...

then a backward corrida:

  forward on left

90 pivot to left and open step on right to face follower across LOD;

90 pivot to left and three short, double time back steps along LOD - left,right.left;

90 pivot to face follower across LOD;

90 pivot to resume walking in front of ollower along LOD

  then a complex move:

  left forward;

right/left forward in double time to enter cross system

right forward leading follower to cross left on right;

left forward so follower steps back (short) on her right foot;

move torso forward, closing the embrace so follower steps back (short) on her left foot;

right forward, so follower steps back (short) on her right foot;

move torso forward so follower crosses her left foot in front of her right foot;

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