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Bylaugh Vals

One weekend, early in 2003, saw the first Tango event to be held in the nearly-refurbished Orangery of an old Norfolk Hall that had been neglected in the 20th Century.

Alex Krebs, from Portland USA, gave a Vals workshop on the Saturday afternoon.

  Alex began by using the Basic 6 steps that took him back to Granada when he had learned his first tentative Tango steps.

Here the leader begins and ends each set of six steps facing diagonally across - and opposite to - the Line of Dance



leader steps back - turning through 90 anti-clockwise - on his right foot, drawing follower forward on her left foot


leader steps back on his left foot brushing his left foot alongside his right before stepping wide to his left, turning his torso to face hers as she comes forward and to her right, turning her torso to face her leader


leader steps to left and forward with his right foot as follower steps to her right and back on her left foot


leader steps forward and slightly to his right on his left foot to move in front of his follower as she steps back on her right foot


leader steps forward - turning 90 clockwise - and to right with right foot as his follower moves back and to her right with her left foot


leader closes his left foot against his right as his follower closes her right foot against her left.
Unlike Granada, where Marta and Manual patiently took a whole lesson over this sequence, this group was ready after a few practice Tangos to take their fourth and fifth steps in double time

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