Hints & Myths about Argentine Tango
Tango Leading

Tango requires the leader to give clear but subtle signals in good time so the follower can respond in the right way.

Alex Krebs gave us some hints at a Cambridge workshop in July 2001.

Close Embrace

More Leading Hints




Stand, connect and walk forward:

    Be tall - grow those extra 2 inches locked in your spine and relax your shoulders and midriff

Find the moment of peace

Move off gently accelerating on first step after being stationery



    Follower should always be ready to pivot on any step

Leader must give follower time to balance after steps or pivots


Walking backward:

    Leader’s backward step pushes out to step limit in one go

Follower’s backward step reaches out on ball and stretches on


Backward ocho:

    Follower stays facing leader throughout the step;

her hips overturn to stay close


Forward ocho:

    Leader connects with follower's shoulder

Double Giro exercise:


Lead forward ocho and step forward yourself parallel to follower;

Lead and mirror side step;

Rotate and take backward step around follower staying parallel;

lead and mirror side step or move from turn directly into backward ocho;

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