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The giro is the manoeuvre (!) in which the follower, always facing the leader with her upper body, is led to step around her leader - progressively taking backward, open/side, and forward steps before pivotting 180 into another open/side step and pivotting 180 and repeating the backward, open/side and forward steps and so on.

The sequence of steps can include any number of the individual elements and can begin and end on any step although there are favoured entry and exit points and variations on the timing of the steps.

Classically, the backward, open, and forward steps are completed in the same time as the pivot, open, pivot part; a four-step 360 box around the leader.

If executed well, with the leader rotating steadily to face his follower and maintaining his central axis and the follower taking uniform length steps, keeping her pivots separate from her steps, thinking of release, transfer and collect phases of each step, and staying close to the leader, there is enormous potential for the leg play- barridas, boleos, ganchos and sacadas - that is the essence of Tango!

Mingo Pugliese is the maestro in using Petroleo's 8-step giro as a basis for intermediate level learning.

Rodolfo Aguerrodi includes detailed giro tuition in his comprehensive multi-level tango courses.

Richard Manuel often uses the giro as the basis for dramatic effects.

Jenny Frances & Ricardo Oria are one of the most innovative tango teaching couples, often includng the giro as the basis for lots of salon fun.

Tango's roots may extend back into the very late 19th century but this key move was not invented until the 1940s when Petroleo and his group in the Nelson Club revolutionised the steps and approach to give us most of contemporary Argentine Tango.

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