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First Lesson

First he learned about posture; how it was important to keep his torso upright and weight forward on the balls and toes of his feet when moving or about to move.

He practised walking in time with Tango music; reaching out his slightly out-turned toe, bringing his torso forward to transfer weight to the new foot, and - when stopping - collecting his rear foot alongside the other. He found - as most learners do - that just listening for the beat and concentrating on his feet was difficult..

Part of the Alhambra Palace

Then they practised moving to either side, reaching out with a toe then squaring up as weight transfer took place.

Even more difficult was moving backward, especially keeping his heel inward and not looking backward or down. He was relieved to learn that leaders rarely took more than one step backwards at a time.

In La Tertulia that night he watched for signs that these people were applying the lessons he had been learning. He saw the grace of movement, the posture, but the steps seemed to be entirely different from those basic steps they had been learning earlier in the day.



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