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Hints & Myths about Argentine Tango
Tango illusions

Certain tango moves - barrida, boleo, gancho, parada, sacada - create an illusion of force that is not really there.



The barrida can appear to be a hooked or a magnetic "pull" or "push" depending on relative feet position; it can take place between either foot of leader and follower; and can be in either direction. It can also be linear or rotary according to the direction of the basic move that is being accentuated by the barrida.

The boleo refers to any move in which - usually - the follower's lower leg lifts to almost horizontal and flashes across in front or behind her other leg.

The gancho refers to any move in which one or other - even both - partners briefly hook their lower leg around their partner's thigh.

The parada refers to a move in which one partner's foot appears to stop the other partner, usually followed by a change of direction.

The sacada refers to any move in which one or other partner moves into the space vacated by their partner's leg in such a way that he or she appears to have displaced her or him.

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