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Madrid 1999

Later that year, he went to Madrid on another Dance Holiday.

This was a smaller group than when he went to Granada; perhaps Christmas was too close for some.

Spectators for the Gran Final

The annual Tango festival arranged by Pablo Ojeda and Beatriz Romero was about to begin and great dancers were assembling from Buenos Aires.

This holiday was to be different. The lessons were those arranged by the festival itself so would be in Spanish; the tour host would interpret.

All six teaching couples would give Tango lessons at several levels and also speciality lessons.

Gustavo Naveira who he had only recently seen in the classic Tango film The Tango Lesson was there with his partner Giselle-Anne. He signed up for some lessons in Men's technique from Gustavo. The balance and walking exercises were good but he felt was a little strange to be dancing with other men as they practised their giro technique.

Fabian Salas who had also been in the movie was also there with Cynthia Viel. He was teaching choreography and our hero knew he was not yet ready for that.

Daniela Arcuri and Armando Orzuza were teaching Milonga; he decided it was time to learn something of this Tango variant that people seemed to either love or hate.

Marta Anton and Luis Grondona were teaching Canyengue. He skipped these classes but enjoyed the attention to detail they gave in their intermediate classes, including his first introduction to the calesita.

Pedro Monteleone whose feet starred in Evita was teaching Tango Vals with Marcela, his daughter.

Pablo and Beatriz were also teaching.

and, every evening, there was a Milonga in the Circulo de Belles Artes.




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