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These notes summarise three 2-hour milonga lessons by Gustavo Russo and Alejandra Mantinan Madrid at the Madrid Tango Festival in 2000.

Gustavo and Alejandra taught us the milonga "style":

... weight centred on each step;

... steps are usually short, sometimes very short;

... couple usually offset

... back foot fully down; and

... side-side rocking of torso with music.


We added some double steps to the box, repeating:

  Leader steps back on his right leg

Leader steps back and to left side on his left leg

The next two steps are in double time using half-length steps

Leader brings his right leg to touch his left foot and changes weight

Leader steps to left side on his left leg

Leader brings his right leg to touch his left foot and step forward

Leader steps forward and to right to touch follower's right foot with his left foot preventing her cross/crusada

Leader brings his right leg forward and to the right

Leader closes his left foot against his right foot and makes a short step back on his left foot


We then added some feints:



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