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Noone really knows who invented the milonga style of tango as we know it today but try to find a milonga recorded before 1932's Milonga Sentimental written by Sebastian Piana and Homero Manzi.

Some earlier tunes are called tango-milonga to show they were for dancing and distinguish them from tango- cancion - for singing.

There was also a much older form of milonga which is undoubtedly a parent of Tango.

  Here are some notes from recent milonga lessons:    

Daniela Arcuri and Armando Orzuza in Madrid 1999

Alex Krebs in Cambridge 2000-2

Gustavo Russo & Alejandra Mantinan in Madrid 2000

Clo de Castro & Alison Vale in Bs As 2001

Mike Rose & Stephanie Gogelein in Cambridge 2001

Juan & Kicca in Cambridge 2002

Rodolfo Aguerrodi & Miho Omaki in Cambridge 2001-2

Komala Vos in Cambridge 2002

Rodolfo Aguerrodi & Miho Omaki in Cambridge 2003

Rodolfo Aguerrodi & Miho Omaki in Bylaugh 2003

Rodolfo Aguerrodi & Miho Omaki in Cambridge 2004


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