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The Sacada

The sacada refers to any move in which one or other partner moves into the space vacated by their partner's leg in such a way that he or she appears to have displaced her or him.

There are many starting positions but the line of the leader and follower's legs will will generally be parallel. The initiator moves his or her relaxed, weightless leg into the space immediately vacated by the other partner - often just as that foot becomes weightless. The sacada "flare" happens.

Alex Krebsdemonstrated a simple sacada during his illusions workshop in Cambridge in July 2001.

Rodolfo and Miho taught linear sacadasat Bylaugh in 2003.


On the leader's right:

    Leader side steps to left

Leader turns to right leading follower to sidestep to right

Leader displaces follower's right foot as he steps forward

Leader's weight change allows direct entry into backward ocho


On the leader's left:

    Leader side steps to right

Leader turns to left leading follower to sidestep to left

Leader displaces follower's left foot as he steps forward

Leader's weight change allows direct entry into backward ocho


Care is needed, especially on busy dance floors, to reduce the sacada "flare" within the couple's space to avoid injury to other dancers. This is often best achieved by the follower lifting her leg a little to absorb the energy, but leaders should also reduce the energy in the sacada, avoiding impact with the folllower's leg.

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