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La Tertulia

There is a bar in Granada called La Tertulia. It is entered through a solid doorway on Calle Pintor Lopez Mezquita.

it was often smokey and its walls are covered in memorabilia of Buenos Aires and Tango events and personalities.

It is long and thin; the small bar seeming to be cut out from the right wall as you penetrate further inside.

Marta y Manuel

During the afternoon and early evening there are small tables, mostly made from old manual sewing machine stands, lining one side of the room and, at the back, a small raised area that could double as a stage or platform for a (very) small band.

In front of the platform there is a small dance floor and it is here after about 10pm that the tables are cleared away, the hanging lamps tied back and Tango takes over the hearts and souls of those who hang around in here. The floor is small and dancers have to scale their moves within the available space, especially when more than six or seven couples dance at the same time.

Most Tuesday evenings, you can be lucky and catch a dance class or two (beginners 20.00-21.30 and advanced from 21.30 to 23.00 witha late-night milonga afterwards) given by Marta and Manuel who started La Escuela de Tango de Granada, the first permanent Tango dance school in Granada. They have taught many others since those times when they danced Tango in the opening event of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

In March, there is a special time when, as the Festival approaches, many Tangueros and Tangueras who have left Granada return to mingle with others who have come visiting from Buenos Aires. At those times the Bar of La Tertulia stays open all night as chatter, drink, smoke and tango power the organisers and performers through the activities of the festival.



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Marta y Manuel


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